Tokoin Token

A super token which is an integral part of all of Tokoin’s ecosystem, being used as a reward token, payment token, utility token in Tokoin’s De-Fi and NFT ecosystem.

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About Us

Tokoin, a technology company supported by the local government which aims to build a one-stop ecosystem of blockchain related products and services to further assist institutions to onboard blockchain technology for their needs. Our one-stop ecosystem will help to tackle issues from all of the institution's business aspects regarding technology, funding and business development.

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Roadmap 3.0

De-Fi Game

A various mini game ecosystem inside of T-Fi which enables users to utilize their TOKO token as an entry to win attractive prizes.

Lending De-Fi Protocol

We will be enabling the NFT / Token collateralized lending protocol which enables our holders to achieve more. TOKO will serve as a liquidity token for users that need instant liquidity from their investments.

Interact to Earn

A social media app which enables users to interact and match with like minded individuals / groups. Utilizing TOKO tokens as a reward, unlocking advanced features and means of showing appreciation to each other.

TOKOIN Blockchain Network

Tokoin team aims to build our own blockchain network. We will be using the consensus of NPoS (Nominated Proof of Stake) and using Substrate as our framework. Tokoin network will be focusing on keeping the gas fee minimal, secured and scalable.

Opening up SDK for partners

We aim to open up our ecosystem SDK to local governments and other major traditional companies, making it efficient for these organizations to onboard our ecosystem blockchain technologies.

Expanding Our Network

TOKO token upgrades and developments has always been the primary focus of our company. To service our ever expanding ecosystem, we will soon integrate TOKO token on new networks and chains to service this advancement.

Products, Partnership & Interconnectivity

A one-stop ecosystem of blockchain related products and services to further assist institutions to onboard blockchain technology for their needs. Our one-stop ecosystem will help to tackle issues from all of the institution's business aspects regarding technology, funding and business development. We currently provide these services and products;

T-Fi (Tokoin De-Fi)

A financial transaction freedom platform without intermediaries for our users, that is what we envision T-Fi to be. Take control of your crypto assets and choose what is best for you to reap benefits from, be it to gain high APY, high APR, staking, farming, lending and borrowing, it is possible and the boundaries are limitless. Besides bringing honest benefits for the end users, T-Fi also aims to bring the full solution of staking/farming to the young gamefi projects that don't have the resources to set up the system on their own. With T-Fi acting as an accelerator, they will be able to concentrate on building their own game and focus on what they did best.

Join our T-Fi programs to get rewards!

Tokoin Ecosystem’s Interconnectivity through Partnerships

Apart from building our own ecosystem at Tokoin we are always in the lookout for great projects to help us further enrich our ecosystem. By nurturing and providing our expertise with a wide range of capability to those projects, we would be able to growth hack our ecosystem advancement and also our token utility. These are the current projects that we had interconnectivity and involved in;

Blockchain Payment integration made for the masses, secured and simple!

T-Chain will enable an easy open SDK integration for platforms to directly interact with My-T Wallet, which will enable them to receive and send payments in TOKO from the get go and major cryptocurrencies in the future!

Team & Advisors

    Welly Salim


    Experienced Tech Leader with 15+ years of experience

    Andrew Riady


    8 years experience in self owned marketting firm, which handles brands such as Samsung and Oppo

    Diversified investors in various social and entertainment business

    Trong Dinh


    13 years of experience in software development with large-scale products

    3 years of experience in blockchain

    Stephanus Andreas

    Finance & Business Development

    Bachelor of Accounting, Kwik Kian Gie

    3 years of experience in investment, finance & accounting

    3 years of experience in blockchain & cryptocurrency

    Annisyah Maulidinna

    Content Creator Specialist

    3 years experience in content creator and social media management

    Hensen Lizar

    Community Manager

    10 years of experience in Retail Sales and Customer Service

    6 years of experience in Online Community Moderation

    4 years of experience in Blockchain

    Johnny Lyu


    10 years of experience in software development

    KuCoin CEO

    3 years of experience in blockchain

    Richard Yoon


    Senior Financial Analyst, Cisco Systems, Inc.

    CFO of Exio Communications., Inc

    Suyong Park

    Project Consultant

    CEO of Block Crafters Co., Ltd.

    HongZhuang Lim

    Project Consultant

    CEO of ShuttleOne Pte Ltd

    Former Managing Director of Pac-FungAgora Pte Ltd


Principal Engineer

15 years of experience in software development

2 years of experience in blockchain

Khanh Pham

Staff Engineer

10 years of experience in software development

3 years of experience in blockchain

Tin Nguyen

Staff Engineer

7 years of experience in software development

Fluent with Python

Hoa Le

Staff Engineer

3 years of experience in software development

Fluent with both backend and mobile stuff

Media Coverage

Tokoin’s 2022 Review: A Year of Achievements, Milestones and the Future

Major success milestonesAbout the product:In terms of cooperation:What will welcome us in 2023

Unstoppable Domains: Everything You Should Know

If you haven’t heard, Web3 domains are the newest kids on the block(chain), and they have the potential to transform the Internet as we know it. But before we dig in, let’s take a step back and define standard domains and NFTs, so that you can properly comprehend the superpowers of Web3 domains.

TOKO/BNB Liquidity Pool Will be Increased on DEXs

About Liquidity Pool: On a decentralized exchange, a liquidity pool is a crowdsourced pool of cryptocurrencies or tokens that are locked in a smart contract. This pool is used to enable transactions between different assets on the exchange (DEX). A large number of decentralized finance (DeFi) systems employ automated market makers (AMMs), which enable the trading of digital assets in an autonomous and permissionless way via the use of liquidity pools. Traditional markets consist of buyers and sellers.

T-Fi Farming is Back!

Dear #TokoinArmy, You now have the opportunity to join the T-Fi Farming Activity for a chance to win 800USD in $TOKO For the highest, fastest, and the luckiest participant.

A Message from Our CEO: Tokoin’s Status Update

Our recent achievement and the big news you were anticipating!Tokoin Successfully raised an undisclosed investment from DWF LabsOpening 4 new staking pools on T-Fi:Developed several new significant relationships:


After the recent exciting events, we are happy to announce that 4 NEW STAKING POOLS will soon be available in T-Fi.And won’t keep you waiting much longer; here are the details of the 4 staking pools:

BEP20 TOKO is Officially Available on KuCoin

Why we choose KuCoin ?Benefits of trading BEP20 TOKO on KuCoinTo sum up

T-Fi x DEP

Following up DEP token by DEAPcoin successful listing on Houbi Global, we are excited to announce that DEAPcoin is joining our vibrant ecosystem!



Tokoin Recap — June 2022

Tokoin Recap — June 2022


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