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An integral governance and utility token in all of our current and future projects developments.


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About Us

TOKOIN, a technology company which aims to provide solutions to local government and companies needs through blockchain technology. Bringing together a unique group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and skills to shape the BIT (Blockchain Innovative Thinker) family and community today and move forward towards the future.

Roadmap 3.0

  • TOKOIN Foundation

    TOKOIN aims to further support the vast and explosive blockchain industry development by bridging capital to promising blockchain startups and solid projects. We believe this will in return put TOKO token as a preferable choice of token in successful projects. The Realm of Frontera NFT P2E Metaverse game was one example where we led a seven digit investments and TOKO was integrated to their ecosystem.

  • Blockchain Enterprise Solutions

    One of our company’s strength has always been our roots and relationships with major blockchain and crypto companies, such as KuCoin, WadzPay, Kardiachain to name a few. We will further develop and foster new partnership by opening up an enterprise solution team, whereby we aim to provide services to onboard blockchain technology for local government and other major traditional companies.

  • Enter TOKO Web 3.0

    We believe web 3.0 will be an integral part of the future. With that in mind, we will be developing a layer 2 solution for TOKO token development, allowing users to build scalable products and Dapps with low gas fee and top notch security.

  • Expanding our Networks

    TOKO token upgrades and developments has always been the primary focus of our company. This year we are going to integrate new networks to our TOKO token, on solana, polygon, etc. This will enable TOKO token to open up more avenue and utility.

Products & Investments

Team & Advisors

    Welly Salim


    Experienced Tech Leader with 15+ years of experience

    Ex VP of Engineering and Operation of

    Eddy Christian


    Co-Founder of

    10+ years experience in Business development and Banking

    Andrew Riady


    8 years experience in self owned marketting firm, which handles brands such as Samsung and Oppo

    Diversified investors in various social and entertainment business

    Trong Dinh

    VP of Engineering

    13 years of experience in software development with large-scale products

    3 years of experience in blockchain

    Stephanus Andreas

    Finance & Business Development

    Bachelor of Accounting, Kwik Kian Gie

    3 years of experience in investment, finance & accounting

    3 years of experience in blockchain & cryptocurrency

    Johnny Lyu


    10 years of experience in software development

    KuCoin CEO

    3 years of experience in blockchain

    Richard Yoon


    Senior Financial Analyst, Cisco Systems, Inc.

    CFO of Exio Communications., Inc

    Suyong Park

    Project Consultant

    CEO of Block Crafters Co., Ltd.

    HongZhuang Lim

    Project Consultant

    CEO of ShuttleOne Pte Ltd

    Former Managing Director of Pac-FungAgora Pte Ltd


Principal Engineer

15 years of experience in software development

2 years of experience in blockchain

Khanh Pham

Staff Engineer

10 years of experience in software development

3 years of experience in blockchain

Tin Nguyen

Staff Engineer

7 years of experience in software development

Fluent with Python

Hoa Le

Staff Engineer

3 years of experience in software development

Fluent with both backend and mobile stuff


  • Block Crafters Capital
  • D.Street
  • BiFrost
  • Shyft
  • TomoChain
  • Shuttle.One
  • Sesame Open
  • X
  • Infinito
  • Refereum
  • Wadzpay
  • Block Tides
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Coingecko
  • Frontera
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